600W /568Wh Portable Power Station, Bateria Power Portable Generator 7-Port Outdoor Generator with 2 AC Outlet, 65W USB-C, 150000mAh Power Bank Battery Pack, LED Light for Camping, RV, Power Outage

The device has overload protection performance. When the total electrical power exceeds the maximum withstand point of the machine by 600W after installing new electrical appliances, a buzzer will flash a red exclamation mark on the device screen, making it safer and more secure

600W /568Wh The power supply has 2*AC sockets (110V-5.4A 50Hz continuous 600W, peak 1000W, AC rated output energy 568WH), 1*USB-C port, 2*USB port, 1*DC port, and 1 car port

Portable power station with lithium-ion battery pack and safety-designed frame structure to maximize power during every outdoor adventure and home use

The generator has a handle, easy to carry, convenient for RV, drones, camper, van tours, camping, fishing, other outdoor activities, and emergency use. No need to worry about running out of equipment or power outages in your home

What you get: 1 * Bateri Power 600W 568Wh Portable Power Station, 1 * AC Adapter & Charging Cable, 1 * Car Charging Cable, 1 * User Manual


  • Number of batteries: 4
  • Battery Energy: 20.48kWh
  • Battery Capacity: 400AH
  • Weight: 250kg
  • Dimension: 1800x600x184 /1500x600x184

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Need help on short notice? We’ve got a plan for you.